Sunday, August 24, 2008

Philip and the Waves

Despite the fact that the first half hour of the first day we were out on the beach Philip, crushed by a wave, managed to swallow enough water to make himself vomit, his favorite place to be the whole week was out in the waves. He enjoyed riding the boogie boards with his big brother and burying his feet with his sister, but he was happiest being tossed about by crashing waves. Most of Philip's week was consumed by jumping, diving, crouching and tempting every wave he could find with few mishaps after the first half hour. (He's a quick study!)

Philip also really enjoyed our visit to the USS North Carolina and asked almost every day if we could go back. We'll definitely have to make another trip there in the future. Like his older sibling, Philip spent his fair share of time splashing about in the pool during the hottest hours, when we tried to stay out of the sun. His favorite pool activity involved figuring out new and different crazy jumps into the pool.


  1. Oh that ocean looks so inviting. We love jumping in the waves!

  2. I can't wait. We're going to the beach tomorrow, even though school has already started. We had to wait all summer but it's finally here. Since we go to Maine the water might be a bit more invigorating than it is in NC but I'll take it any temperature. Thanks for your comments over at Momfo.


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