Saturday, August 2, 2008

Family Game Night

Every other month or so on a Friday night, we put Finn to bed and the rest of the family stays up an extra hour for family game night. Keeping the lights down low for a intimate nighttime event is tougher in the summer, so we closed all the blinds and lit the candles anyway. We decided that last night was the perfect night for a family game night since Philip is leaving today to stay at his grandparents house for a week, and Paul and Elizabeth are leaving tomorrow for a week of camp. A last hurrah before parting ways for a while.

We all ate popcorn and watched Elizabeth's Gobblet strategy rule the table; Elizabeth, Paulie and I learned Cranium Conga while Paul and Philip caused Trouble. Then Paul, Philip and I climbed and slid through Chutes and Ladders while Paulie and Elizabeth competitively matched Memory cards. We all agree that family game night is one of our favorite ways to spend an evening.


  1. We could use more of this kind of activity in our house. I've never been into games for some reason, but my husband, a Brit used to having to find indoor activities, likes them. I think kids can learn a lot from them. Can you suggest any good games that would help a six year old with numbers and basic math skills? Thanks for stopping in over at Momformation, by the way.

  2. Hmmm...I don't know that we play any that are specifically beneficial to math skills. Maybe try something like chutes and ladders with 2 dice instead of the spinner? That would cover addition. You could play multiple variations too, like a greater than/less than version where you roll both dice and pick the highest one for the number of spaces moved. I tend to think that the reasoning, logic, strategy, memorization, etc of many games helps with critical thinking skils anyway. Luckily, my kids haven't figured that out yet!

  3. Thanks Joy. Maybe I should just start with buying some games. I think the only one we have in the house is Scrabble.


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