Sunday, March 23, 2014


The weather yesterday was beautiful, and we took full advantage. Finn and I visited the farmer's market and came home with a Penny Redwing pansy for him to plant in one of the flower beds. He was thrilled to be able to dig the hole and plant it himself.

I also stumbled upon a booth full of Sweet Charlie strawberry plants, which I had trouble resisting. Elizabeth asked last summer if she could have a raised bed of her own. We dug out the grass in that spot and put down landscape paper, but that was as far we got on that project. Once I came home with the strawberries, I asked her if she'd be interested in taking charge of the strawberry bed. She was thrilled.

Although I forgot to take photos of the construction, she helped nail together the boards for the raised bed, then helped pour the soil, peat, and compost into the bed. She smoothed it all out and planted all of the strawberry plants herself. I'm delighted to have a bed of strawberries and even more pleased to have an assistant gardener to help care for them. Now today is chilly and rainy, but at least our lovely plants are getting their thirst quenched.


  1. I am getting jealous watching the beginning of the planting season. We are still pretty far away from anything more than greens and indoor seed starts! This is where I get impatient for the growing season to begin :).

  2. Nicely done! Can you come build some for us?


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