Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Along

For this week's Yarn Along, I'm continuing to work on the socks that I've been working on for the last few weeks.  I'm on the home stretch though...the last quarter of the second sock. This project has gone a bit slower than I'd like, with the start of school and a quilt project stealing my knitting time. The yarn is a fun self-striping Felici Sport from Knit Picks. This particular colorway, Kingpin, was discontinued over the summer so I snagged a few skeins for a steal.

Just as school started, I began reading Old Yeller aloud to the kids.  We're only a few chapters in, now that our read aloud time has been severely shortened.  I really appreciate how children back then took pride in being given more responsibility, to prove their advance toward adulthood. I hope some of that rubs off on my kids. ;)


  1. love the pop of orange in the long color repeats! Yay for another pair nearly completed :)

  2. Blue and orange - my favorite color combo these days. You will be finished with those in no time!

  3. Oh, I so love me some Felici! What a fun colorway!


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