Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yarn Along

For Yarn Along this week, I only have a knitting project to show you. I am about halfway done reading Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America, but it's on Paulie's Kindle, not a book I can really photograph with my knitting. Paulie had to read a non-fiction book for school this summer and he and I decided to read that one together.  Well, he actually read it first, and I'm reading it now. I am looking forward to finishing it soon so we can discuss it. (If you want to see what else we've been reading lately, I wrote a long post with reviews of all of our summer read-alouds.) I'm also about half-way through the first sock of a pair that will be a Christmas gift.  I like this self-striping colorway, cute but calm.

I also recently finished the first of the kids' annual Christmas stocking hats.  Philip knew exactly what he wanted, which makes his the first complete.  Paulie is modeling for me to keep the surprise.  The yarn is Shine Worsted in Macaw.  Very bright!

He really wanted a balaclava to keep his head and neck warm, and maybe play a bit of ninja action as well.

Paulie says he isn't sure how a ninja stays hidden with a shockingly green hood. Indeed.


  1. I love the colorway of those socks! May I ask what yarn it is?

    My boys would love the bright green hat too. :)

  2. I made one of those for my hubby. I really need to make some more because we all grab it to go out in the snow!

  3. I love his balaclava! I think ninjas can be stealth with a shocking green balaclava- it's part of their skills!

  4. love it all! what's the pattern for the balaclava? tanner would LOVE one for christmas, too.


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