Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vervet Monkey

The second grade at Elizabeth's school has been studying Africa this quarter.  She has learned about the geography, topography, animals, customs, celebrations, food, animals, dance and music.  In addition to a play on Sundiata (blogpost coming soon!), the main project in Elizabeth's Africa study at school was to create a 3d rendering of the African animal of her choice.  Her choice, as she is loving all things primate recently, was the vervet monkey.

After choosing Sculpey for a medium, Elizabeth twisted, shaped, rolled, squeezed and smushed her monkey into form, then painted it with acrylics.   She created a good likeness, if I say so myself.

Elizabeth's Vervet Monkey

You couldn't tell which was the photo and which was the rendering, could you?

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  1. I couldn't tell which monkey was the "real" one. ;) She did an excellent job on the monkey sculpture...very cute!


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