Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summers end

13 months.
That's how long it has been since I visited this space. A year full of beginnings and endings.

Among other things:
Paulie began high school.
Elizabeth finished her final year at her K-8 arts school.
Philip began middle school.
Finn began guitar lessons.
Paulie began marching band.
We each grew a year older.

Just this summer, we visited with friends at Hanging Rock,

Finn participated in music camp,

Finn and I visited family in Philadelphia (and met a new niece!),

the kids and I hiked the top of Pilot Mountain,

Finn lost a plethora of teeth and went to camp,

Elizabeth and I summited Mt. Evans outside Denver,

we fed large animals at Lazy 5 Ranch,

and we spent a week at the beach with friends.

I'm unsure how often I'll be in this space. I was relieved to let go of the pressure of blogging last summer, and I'm happy to be back now, in whatever capacity I feel works for me. Stay tuned later this week for details of new endeavors we're embarking on this year.


  1. Glad to "see" you back here. I worried a bit at your disappearance, admittedly. Looks like a year of joy and growth.

  2. HI Joy, what a lovely sight to find you in my blogroll with a new post. The kids are getting so grown; guess there's no way around that, is there ?~! Good times for all are wished from our home to yours.

  3. Well I am thrilled to see you back here. And also grateful I get to see you outside of Bloglandia.

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