Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yarn Along

For this week's Yarn Along, I started a new knitting project and started (and finished) a new book. The knitting project is another Christmas (or birthday, I haven't decided) knit for Elizabeth. The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks in Knit Picks Felici in High Tide, which I bought on the cheap when it was discontinued. Both the pattern and colorway are perfect for Elizabeth. 

Finn and I just started reading the first Bobbsey Twins book this weekend. A beloved series from my childhood, he's actually heard it before, but at just under 2, he didn't really remember. He enjoyed the book so much that even though we were slated to start another book after the Bobbsey Twins book, he wants to read another book in this series before we move on. I still have hope that one of my kids might enjoy this series as much as I did!

I finished both of the projects I was working on last week.  Finn was eager to model Paulie's Viking hat for me. The horns are a little wonky, probably due to the thick and thin yarn I used, because I was too cheap to buy an entire skein for the 30 yards I needed for this project, and I just used what I had on hand. I doubt Paulie will notice though.

"Hey mom, take a photo of me wearing this hat with my Legos in the background!"

"Hey! I want to model the hat too!"

(That's kind of how photo shoots go around here!)


  1. love the viking hat, looks perfect! I need to check out that sock pattern now...

  2. Cute kids!

    That Hermoine sock (think that is how it is spelled) ... like it. Made it once for a pair and then forgot about it. Maybe it will be the next pair on the needles..

  3. The hat is amazing!! I've never ready bobsey twins, I will look into them for my little guy.

  4. We like the Bobsey twins at our house too. Visiting from Ginny's. :)

  5. I love Felici - I used the "hummingbird" colorway to make Jaywalker socks, and I have another color waiting to be made into more!

  6. I never saw a red Bobbsey Twins book. Mine were all light blue and lavender. I loved those books and couldn't interest either of my children.

  7. NICE Viking hat. Perfect for Halloween.


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