Monday, September 23, 2013

first day of autumn hike

The first day of autumn dawned clear and bright after a previously soggy, rainy day. We took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a walk around a nearby lake. The first hint of color is just starting to appear in our trees, while the goldenrod and jewelweed are still blooming everywhere. And autumnal light is just beginning to peek through the forest. A few of the local wildlife even greeted us in the form of a snake and a skeleton that the kids thought might have been a raccoon. Welcome autumn! We're looking forward to your cooler air, beautiful light, holidays, and seasonal offerings.


  1. Beautiful as always! Please tell me that awesome skull came home with you? Zach would be crushed if such a treasure was left behind.

    1. Paul wouldn't entertain that for a second. 😄 He's a no-dead-things-in-the-house kind of dad.


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