Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What We're Reading...

As a family, we've been enamored with The Tale of Despereaux for several nights now. I can officially say that Kate DiCamillo is a fantastic author. The kids were entranced with The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane back in the spring, so since then, I have been anxious to read this Newberry Award winner she wrote.

DiCamillo has a way of introducing words like perfidy, adieu, solace and chiaroscuro without sounding pretentious and a way of blending that rich vocabulary with captivating adventure while also tugging your heartstrings. She also speaks directly to the reader throughout the book, addressing them as "Reader" (which Elizabeth requested we change to "Elizabeth").

The timing of our adventures with Despereaux couldn't have been more perfect either, as I just found out last week that the movie version, which I wasn't even aware was in production, is coming to theaters in December. (Is it only me who has this thing about not wanting the kids to see movies based on books until they've read them?) I think the perfect way to start Christmas break from school will be to see the movie based on this book we're currently loving.

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