Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pantry Moths?

Did you know there were moths who prefer flour to wool sweaters? Me neither...until we ended up with an infestation in our pantry. *sigh* It all started innocently enough with a single moth that I thought had slipped in when the backdoor was open one night. I didn't know how it had become trapped in the pantry, but I shooed it out with the broom and didn't think much else about it. Until it was back the next day. Strange, so I shooed it out again and noticed later that day, there were two. Again, not thinking much about it, until about 4 days later when I opened the pantry and there were probably 30 in there! What?! Like every good internet junkie, I googled "pantry" and "moth" and found out there are, indeed, pantry moths. So out with EVERYTHING in the pantry, which ended up being a fantastic excuse to throw out countless small amounts of things we would never eat, and in with the pheromone traps. The next time I find a random moth loitering near the pantry, instead of shooing it out, I will be beating it senseless lest it decide to procreate (is that what they do?) near my foodstuffs again. Lesson learned.


  1. One word: ICK.

    Oh well, live and learn! At least you have an excuse to clean your pantry!

  2. Ok, I completely understand. The newly-cleaned pantry I wrote about today just may ....*may* have been cleaned out to a little ant infestation!


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