Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello Costa Rica!

Our first full day in Costa Rica is pictured in the photos below. We largely spent our day recovering from the long day of travel yesterday and getting acquainted with our surroundings. We did venture briefly outside of the complex we're staying in for groceries. The kids, of course, were all consumed with playing in the apartment pool, which sounded like an ideal first day here in Costa Rica. We did explore some outside of the pool, mostly the lush greenery and flowers here where we're staying. Everything is so beautiful and unique, particularly the flowers. Elizabeth was especially enamored with a fallen hibiscus bud she found, and Paulie couldn't get over the mango tree right by the pool! He clamored to climb the tree, of course, but as I doubted the staff would appreciate that, we settled for buying a mango at the market.


  1. Hmmm, I tried to comment yesterday and it's gone? Anyhow, let them pick the mangoes I say! Ask forgiveness, not permission!


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