Wednesday, May 7, 2014

a Lego poem by Philip

Philip had an assignment for his AG class to write a poem that was a metaphor. The metaphor was to center around the story of the Mexican migrant workers in Arizona in the 1920s who were making such low wages that they walked out of their jobs and walked some 300 miles in protest. As Lego is the language that Philip speaks best, he used a Lego man as a metaphor.

Lego Sadness

I am the Lego head.
What a sad life I have lead.
I am the Lego hand.
I am worth a pile of sand.

I am the Lego arm.
I do not mean any harm.
I am the Lego leg.
Bad Legos I wish to peg.

And then there's the body.
We don't know about him.
He's come to help.
We now are one!
We now can walk & talk!
Our former lives are dim!


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