Friday, February 14, 2014

on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day might be one of the most low-key we've ever celebrated. Not that we usually celebrate in a big way, but being snowed in certainly puts a natural limit on the festivities. Finn has already worked hard on his Valentine bookmarks for his classmates. They won't receive them today, but they'll be ready when he finally makes it back to school.

We found this cute printable with 8 different bookmarks, printed them, cut them out, punched holes in the top, and tied thin grosgrain ribbon to the top of each, then Finn signed the back of each bookmark. A lovely alternative to the homemade Valentine's card, I think.

As for my gift, I rose early this morning to finish the remaining toe of my husband's Valentine socks. They were kind of a last minute idea so I've spent much of the last week working on them. Tweedy green socks make for a good Valentine gift. We have to keep the toes toasty for these last few weeks of winter!

My boy and I also plan to have a grand time on this beautiful sunny day full of glittery snow. We will undoubtably spend a fair amount of time enjoying the snow remaining outside. The temperatures are supposed to be in the 60s next week so we won't have long to enjoy our southern snow.

But for today there are many inches waiting to be sledded, with a nice layer of ice on top for speed.

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  1. I love those bookmarks. I loved those days when my daughter would write out all her Valentines for her classmates. Each year we would try to to come up with something a little more creative. Enjoy your day!


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